Update: Post Schedule Change

Hey There!

It's been a little too long since I've sat to draft a note here! I'll spare you the details but it would have included a huge camping trip and poison ivy to my arms, neck, and face. So yes, I'm having to get back into the swing of things. 

While away, I had plenty of time to do some soul searching regarding how I want to manage my "social presence". As you may know, one of my goals this year is to open my etsy shop. What you may not realize is how much prep goes into creating, branding, designing and stocking an online business. It's lots of fun but a little challenging when you have so many burners going at once! I have lots to get in order as it gets closer to my shop opening so most of my time needs to be focused on that for now. Actually, I was working on a major branding project that came to a screeching halt and I haven't gotten back to work on it yet. I'm really excited to finish that up so I can share it here. 

I also want to say how excited I've been to have so many visitors come over from I realize I'm small beans compared to most blogs but you take the time to make a few extra clicks and I'm so grateful for each one. All this to say, I've decided to reduce my schedule to one post per week with some extras sprinkled here and there. I plan to do my best to keep it organic so there may be weeks when I don't do a "Planner Layout Post" because I decided to keep it simple and only use my Passion Planner.

I have big hopes for my business and I would love for you to follow along. I'm trying to decide if I want to include this blog in my branding and whether I should carry my business name here too. Either way, I will continue to blog because I love it. I'm pretty sure things will begin to fall into place and I'll be back into full swing before you know it. 


Word of the Year Update

Hi Friends.

It's been a solid thirteen weeks since I shared my Word of the Year- Pursue. I'm here today to offer you an update and hopefully some motivation to keep moving forward to meet your goals too. I'm happy to report that up to this point I have been able to keep Pursuing all my personal goals. I must credit a lot of my current success to the use of my planner system. To lay it out for you, I'll recap my personal goals then what tools I've been using to accomplish each.

For years I've been getting by with status quo while taking care of littles and dealing with medical needs. As of last Fall, I've been free of my major medical issue so I had to figure out what to do with myself without the weekly doctor appointments. It's the strangest feeling going from having to coordinate so many outside activities to not having many reasons to leave the house! My extra time gave me the opportunity to evaluate the next phase in my journey. Basically, that's how I came upon the word Pursue for this year.

The first and foremost I wanted to Pursue was overall health. In order to make this happen, I new I needed a plan. These are the four areas I planned to focus on: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Relational. I also knew these were interdependent and if I could tackle the Spiritual and Emotional in a tangible way the other two would fall into place. My solution was to Write the Word and Journal every day, if possible. I was rapidly growing out of my new Filofax, so I converted it into my Spiritual Journal. As any Filofax user may agree, It's hard to resist having one and not write in it as often as you can. For journaling, I just use a notebook I picked up that had a cute cover.

I strive to write in these every morning to start my day out with a clear mind and conscience. I call it my PB&J time {Prayer, Bible, & Journal}. I'm forgiving if it doesn't happen but will make an effort to get back to it as soon as I can. There is definitely a difference when I miss too many journaling days because I feel anxious if I don't get some things out of my head. Doing this task, even if I don't feel like it, leaves me feeling accomplished. I won't share much about the Physical and Relational because they're too personal for a blog like this. I will say, I'm experiencing progress but they definitely have some built in flexibility as they can fluctuate so easily.

The next two areas I wanted to Pursue were more long term goals. I talked about them a bit in the last two months; you can read more in this post and this post. I have since been officially accepted into our local Community College and still hope to take a class this coming Fall. And Yes, I'm already thinking about my future College Planner! For my shop, GingerPaperCo, I've been working daily on prepping for a Summer Grand Opening. I'm so anxious to get it up and running that I'm considering a soft opening to provide downloadable products.

I ordered this academic Passion Planner when they were offering a clearance on 2015-2016 stock. I figured for the price, it couldn't hurt, but this has really become a very important planner in my arsenal. It was a priority that I maintain a balance between home responsibilities and my pursuit of an Etsy shop. I was starting to struggle a bit but now that I'm mapping out my time hourly, I've gotten so much more done. I use this as my daily Business Planner and I plan my work tasks for the afternoons after all other responsibilities have been accomplished.

I'm so excited to finally share this update! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a little motivation. I will be sharing my full planner system in the near future so stayed tuned for that. Don't forget, if you want to be notified by email of the shop opening you can sign up here. Quantities on ready to ship products will be limited when GingerPaperCo opens this summer.


Printable Meds Admin Tracker ~freebie

Hi There!

I hope you've been doing well. I'm suffering through a severe case of Poison Ivy so I didn't do any planning this past weekend. In lieu of my normal Tuesday post, I offer this post outside of my normal schedule. This is real life so I decided to offer another freebie that I'm making use of this very week. I made a form similar to this worksheet when my boys were younger and getting sick more often. I needed a way to know when to administer meds within the specified time and this was really helpful to map ahead and mark off.

Meds Admin Tracker

I modified this form to be more versatile for those of us on different time schedules. There are twelve lines to record in a way that works best for you. The check boxes are to help if you map ahead and want to mark when you have completed that scheduled dose. In addition, I also included an area to record when there is fever.

Since I quickly made this form up, I only made it in an A5 but would gladly attempt another size if requested. I really hope if you find need for this form it will help to make the process much easier.

Print Disclaimer

Print Disclaimer
This printable was made by me for your personal, non-commercial use only. Please don't redistribute these files; if you wish to share this with your friends please send them back to this post to retrieve the files.


{1} Click the image to print. Once printed, you will cut your page along the solid lines. 

{2} You may want to laminate this form before punching your holes so that you can reuse it as needed.


Printable Monthly Goals Foldout ~ freebie

Hey There.

Last week was my first monthly recap and right after hitting that publish button I got really excited about prepping for next month. I needed a form that would help me decide what my goals would be for this month so I had more content for my April Recap. Naturally, I created my own and included everything I thought I would need to map out my goals. I am so excited to get this into your hands so you can meet your goals too.

I'm learning that goal setting doesn't come naturally for everyone, myself included. That being said, if you find that your having to reevaluate your goals in order to complete this form then your off to a good start. The object is to get you thinking about your goals and hashing them out in a way that will help you succeed.

Click either image below to access the full PDF file.

Monthly Goals Foldout

Let's start with the outer pages because this is where you will begin and end your goal sheet. This sheet is made to be bi-folded in toward your rings on the left. This will show your "Top Three Goals" when you flip to this page and the "End of the Month" notes will be on the back side. 

You can fill out this section how it best suits you; one to three smaller goals or one major goal broken down into two or three. The idea is to pull from the top of your list (or brain) in no particular order. You will write as much detail as you can to help you prioritize and determine your steps and action plan for the inside of this sheet. 

The Monthly Goal Map is set up in a way that will allow you to prioritize your success. Depending on your specific goals, this map may help you to piggyback one to the other or you could complete your most compelling goal to propel you to complete the next.

To fill out this form you will evaluate the "Steps" you need to follow to reach said goal. Ideally, each goal can be done in four or less steps. If that's not possible, this may be an indication that you need to divide that goal to make it more manageable. The same concept applies to your steps; wherein a few basic task will make up your "Action Plan" to complete that step.

It's not necessary that you complete one step in order to move onto another. Once you have completed this form you will have a layout of all your tasks, or mini goals. For efficiency, you may find that you can group tasks from different steps. My theory is the task is done, no matter the order of completion. The more you mark off the more motivated you may be to move on to the next.

I really hope you can get some goals accomplished with this form. I'll see you back here next week with another Planner Layout and a Word of the Year update. Also, I'm working really hard on getting my shop ready for a Summer opening. I would love for you to take a look and add me to your favorites. Don't forget, quantities on ready to ship product will be limited, so if you want to be notified by email of my shop opening you can sign up here.

Print Disclaimer

Print Disclaimer
This printable was made by me for your personal, non-commercial use only. Please don't redistribute these files; if you wish to share this with your friends please send them back to this post to retrieve the files.


{1} If your printer allows for duplex printing you may need to make sure "short edge" is selected.

{2} Once printed you will cut your page on the dotted line. Next fold in so the Goal Map is on the inside but be sure to leave space for your holes. It may help to line up the outer box edges.


2016 Planner Layout, Week# 14

Hey There!

Welcome back for another week of planner layouts. I'm trying to bounce back from Spring Break. It's kinda tough with the fluctuating weather and even worse, the dark rainy days. I'm also nursing a sinus infection making me short on words so let's get started.

Carpe Diem Week# 14

I seriously had the hardest time picking my washi this week, so I was happy to find these cute stickers leftover from Target's One Spot last year. Lots of rain clouds and rainbows happening these days. 

To improve my mood I went overboard with my planner stickers; Can you tell? It feels like it's been awhile since I used up my stash. I really need to venture out more and order from different shops. Most of these are from PlannerMania, the first and only shop I've ever ordered from. Sad, I know. I make my own stickers, but how boring it would become if that was all I used. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

These little clouds are too adorable. Maybe Kawaii is what I need to be searching for new sticker shops. If you're a regular, you may notice I was successful in swapping my "Weekly To Do" to the outside. It was a hack so I can't share too much but I can share a washi tip with you. If you buy a combo pack of washi add a bit of the opposite pattern to the insides and you'll never have to worry about forgetting it's mate.


I really like adding in the cute little closeups at the end to break up the post a bit. So that's my Carpe Diem. For everyone's reference, I'll do my best to add my resources below each section from this post forward.

A5 CarpeDiem~ Simple Stories {Store Locator}
Gray Washi~ Michael's
Pink Stripe Washi~ Hobby Lobby
Kawaii Stickers~ PlannerMania
Spring Stickers~ Target One Spot
Pink, White, & Word Stickers~ GingerPaperCo
Undated A5 Planner Inserts~ PrettyFiloPlanner

Happy Planner Week# 14

Let's move on to my Happy Planner and my newest DigiScrap Planner Sticker Set. I decided not to design this set as one full sheet but several that could be coordinated for up to three weeks of layouts. Doing this allowed me to add many more bits and pieces as well as a larger variety of boxes. I ended up with eight half sheets. 

My idea with this kit was to set the stage for hosting a tea party. I pulled in a variety of textures, colors, and elements you might see in the form of clothing, partyware, and even jewels. I had so many elements to choose from that I had to hold back from overdoing this layout.

That little picket fence was the part I was most excited about. I imagined I was walking to my first Spring Tea Party with the sun shining and butterflies bouncing about. It's really hard to capture in this format but I gave it a try and I like how it turned out.


I can't wait to offer this set but there are so many intricate pieces that I feel I'll need to modify before I can offer this set. I definitely don't want to make a fun decorating process difficult for anyone.

That's it for this week, I hope you like what you see. I'll be sharing the other bits of this set in the coming weeks to see if I can actually stretch this mega set that far. I'll be back Thursday with a new printable that I'm really excited to get out to everyone. Don't forget, if you want to be notified of my shop opening you can sign up to be notified by email here. I plan to be a ready to ship shop but inventory will be limited to start out.

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