Update: Post Schedule Change

Hey There!

It's been a little too long since I've sat to draft a note here! I'll spare you the details but it would have included a huge camping trip and poison ivy to my arms, neck, and face. So yes, I'm having to get back into the swing of things. 

While away, I had plenty of time to do some soul searching regarding how I want to manage my "social presence". As you may know, one of my goals this year is to open my etsy shop. What you may not realize is how much prep goes into creating, branding, designing and stocking an online business. It's lots of fun but a little challenging when you have so many burners going at once! I have lots to get in order as it gets closer to my shop opening so most of my time needs to be focused on that for now. Actually, I was working on a major branding project that came to a screeching halt and I haven't gotten back to work on it yet. I'm really excited to finish that up so I can share it here. 

I also want to say how excited I've been to have so many visitors come over from I realize I'm small beans compared to most blogs but you take the time to make a few extra clicks and I'm so grateful for each one. All this to say, I've decided to reduce my schedule to one post per week with some extras sprinkled here and there. I plan to do my best to keep it organic so there may be weeks when I don't do a "Planner Layout Post" because I decided to keep it simple and only use my Passion Planner.

I have big hopes for my business and I would love for you to follow along. I'm trying to decide if I want to include this blog in my branding and whether I should carry my business name here too. Either way, I will continue to blog because I love it. I'm pretty sure things will begin to fall into place and I'll be back into full swing before you know it. 

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