2016 Planner Layout, Weeks# 18 & 19

Hi There!

I'm so glad to see that some of you are sticking around! I know it's been too long since I've shared a layout so today I will be showing you last week and this week; both before the ink of course. I'm still only using my Passion Planner as I have too many projects and don't have the time to work out of three planners at this time... Priorities. You can read a bit more about this planner in this post.

My desire to take the time to decorate waned a bit until I attended the Michaels' Happy Planner Class. I wasn't a huge fan of the HP stickers from last year but they have really made some improvements so I gladly got all that I could, plus some. In fact, No Spend may need to be making a visit to my wallet real soon!

Passion Planner Week# 18

I could have taken a closer shot of my full spread but I wanted to show what I've been carrying around. That little kitten pouch is housing most of my skinny washi, including the new Jot brand washi that everyone has been grabbing up from the Dollar Tree. If you use a Passion Planner, skinny washi is the perfect size for a one hour time slot. Speaking of which, that is how I got the idea to create my own PP stickers. It's no secret I have the worst handwriting, so any chance I get to add in some text I'll jump right on it!

I was just getting back into decorating, so I didn't do side by side closeups because I wasn't totally in love with the spread. I know we all have these moments, but just a little encouragement, keep doing what you love even in your dry spells. You'll be glad you did when you look back.


I still love doing my little closeups; it's fun to see some of the details from a different perspective. Those two washi's are from the Jot brand I mentioned above. Love them, I think I found four different styles, each with at least five skinnies per pack.

Passion Planner Week# 19

Now here is a spread that I'm totally in love with. I reprinted my labels onto white matte paper in softer colors. I am definitely a pastel girl with a dash of bold thrown in. Are you noticing my pen trend? Staedtlers will forever have a place in my planning stash, even if it's only a few colors.


I love everything about this spread... and the planner. I just noticed yesterday that they offer a full downloadable planner if you share them on social media. What an awesome idea for those that are on tight budgets but are seeking the perfect planner. Here's the link if you want to try it out for yourself.

I may just need to live in this planner for the rest of the year. I think everything is so cute and compact. Most of the stickers on this page came from a Sticko set I found at Walmart. There's some MAMBI and Dollar Tree sprinkled throughout. I mentioned making the text labels but there are a few more of my own stickers too. I want to point out the label right beside that cute little kitty. I've been working on my branding for GingerPaperCo and I'm happy with how it's coming along.


I gotta mention that cute little cactus from Shanni at PlannerMania. She makes the cutest stickers, most of which are hand drawn, that coordinate with so many life events. She is fun to watch on Periscope too!

I really do want to thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope you'll continue to stick around to see some of the awesome updates I hope to implement in the near future. I say this every time, Quantities on ready to ship items will be limited so I encourage you to sign up to receive an email notice when my shop opens. HINT: there will be an awesome deal for the first fifty sales!

That's it for now; see you next week!

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