2016 Planner Layout, Week# 20

Hey There!

Welcome back to another weekly layout post. I know we all love to take a look at other planners and how they get set up and used. I'm still working out of my Passion Planner and really love how the weekly spread and notes areas are set up. I think the best part of having multiple planners is how you can switch out to use what works best at whatever stage you are at. 

For this weeks layout, I decided it was time to use up some of my Planner Society Kit goodies. I tend to start my layouts by deciding on my washi first. Then I work from top to bottom adding in my daily task stickers. The TPS kits are very useful because soo many coordinating elements are included in each monthly kit. This particular kit had all the colors I love to use in my planners. 

I've mentioned my desire to keep my priorities balanced so listing out my morning routine this way really helps to keep accountable. I may not complete them daily but without this guide I'm more likely to get distracted from household responsibilities. With so many endeavors this year, I really needed a place to filter and I feel that is accomplished in this tiny little planner.

While I mostly need my planner to be functional, I also need to do at least one activity that is just for me! I fill the needs to create and have pretty things around me by decorating my planner. I know many old school planner people may not get the point, but if your a creative, I encourage you to bring a little of your craft into your planner. 


I really appreciate you coming by to take a look at my planner layout. The funny thing about creative people is our need to share with others in hopes of encouraging them to be creative too.

I'll see you back here next week with another planner layout. I also want to mention some behind the scenes improvements such as moving to WordPress and merging this blog with my upcoming shop. Speaking of, don't forget to sign up here to be notified by email when my Etsy goes live.

PS: there will be an awesome deal for the first fifty sales!

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