2016 Planner Layouts, Weeks# 5 & 6

Hey Hey,

I have some planner layouts to catch up on today! First I have a confession, I barely planned one whole week in January, yikes! I was in a little planner funk and didn't know how I wanted to proceed, A5 or Personal size. You'll see I opted to stick with with what I already have, my A5 Carpe Diem. I'm so glad I did because I'm really loving the extra space it has to decorate.

In an effort to keep it short I'll share what I did up to February 7th and return this coming Tuesday with my last weeks layout. From that point on, I will be doing previews of my planners #beforetheink for privacy purposes and because I have terrible handwriting. You'll notice how bad in some of these pics and that's why I sometimes use stamps and stickers.

Let's get on to the goods, shall we! For starters, I want to introduce the two planners I use for my Planner Layout posts.This first one is my newbie, the A5 Platinum Carpe Diem I received just before Christmas 2015. You can see from this pic that it's color is neutral, kinda like a shiny taupe. The inside is black with white polka dots. The second one is my beloved Happy Planner that I've used for most of my planner layouts on here. 

January 2016

Take a look at the January Monthly page in my CarpeDiem. I love these colors for Wintertime.

Here you'll find week#5, the one and only week I planned in both planners for January. Most of the stickers in this layout were from PlannerMania on Etsy but I also included several test stickers I made. The blank inserts came with the CarpeDiem.

This week# 5 HP layout was created with test stickers from the very first sticker sheet I made using a theme I received from I'm pretty happy with it for my first attempt.

February 2016

I couldn't do February without a Valentine theme; here's my version.

For week# 6 in my CarpeDiem I purchased new inserts from PrettyFiloPlanner on Etsy to better suit my needs. I decorated with a mix of PlannerMania and The Planner Society stickers. You can tell where I got my inspiration to create my own custom word stickers. 

In the Happy Planner I used stickers from the second set I created. This theme was curated from I immediately fell in love with these colors and have been able to create my first kit with several variations. You'll see those in the next few planner layouts.

After all this planner decorating I did get back to work; I made & cut these word stickers to go with my printable inserts. Then, I needed to get out so the obvious place to go was the Target Dollar Spot. Take a gander at this before and after!

That was a lot of catching up to do so I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be back on Tuesday with last weeks layout.

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