2015 Planner Layouts, Weeks #41-45

Hey There,

Now that I'm getting back on track with my planner, I have three weeks of planner layouts to share today. I finally got my groove back for week#41 and decked out my planner for Fall. This is by far one of my favorite seasons so I love how it turned out.

I you're like me you probably noticed that I haven't checked everything off. Yep, I either didn't get it done or just didn't mark it down. I'll claim the latter, but I highly doubt it.

Moving right along to the week of Fall Break! For week# 42, I'm pretty sure I was itching to do a Halloween theme but it was just too soon.  Instead, I chose to do a transition toward it but not venturing too far from my Fall vibe. Since it was a full week of two boys at home, I was hopeful I would get to do some of the things on my list but not really expecting it to happen.

The two weeks following Fall Break were completely unplanned and mostly uneventful. The highlight of week #43 was when I received my Planner Society Kit. Happy mail in your sick bed is the best! After a week of self medicating, I spent week# 44 recovering from an allergic reaction from the antibiotics for Bronchitis.

Yea, these weren't the most memorable weeks for my planner. I was dying to get back to planning but just didn't have the motivation for anything but rest. I will say, I had a lot of time to think about how my planning situation was working out for me. After all my research and excitement to get my Happy Planner, I'm not so enamored with it now. I feel I've given it a fair trial as a daily planner but it just isn't suiting what I need during this season of my journey.

I thought transitioning from a full letter size planner to this would work out great but it's still more than I need. My last option was to move back into one of my smaller Day Timers OR finally make the plunge into the Filofax world. I'm happy to say after much patience, and lots of eBay browsing, I am the proud owner of my first Filofax Compact Sage Botanics. I plan to write an introductory post on her soon so I won't mention much more now. All this to say, week#45 was my first week of trying her out. I had no inserts so I got to get creative and draw out what I thought I wanted in my weekly set up. This weeks layout is a draft of what I came up with for the basic sheets I printed for the rest of November.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my planner layout catch up session. I've already made my own dashboard, dividers, and inserts for my Filofax that I can't wait to share real soon.

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